Our Model


Our model is focused on children and youngsters, with the aim to give them, not only access to education but also support in their development.

Our model is based on a solidarity concept where each person supported by the Foundation is later invited to give his/her contribution in supporting other people, generating a multiplying effect. In order to execute our strategy and to benefit more and more children and youngsters, we need to raise funds for our activities. Those funds will be raised from different initiatives that the Foundation will organize: conferences, sports and cultural events, merchandising and making available goods, such as traditional craft products.

We also count on our partners’ support, who provide us with scholarships for our children and youngsters or finance some of our activities as well as on donations from organizations or individuals. To grow and create a greater impact, not only in Angola, but also in other countries with similar challenges, we have planned to create a social franchise network.

Our Model

We operate with a matrix organization model, to promote collaboration among the different thematic areas (education, science, technology and social innovation) and program management, allowing us the flexibility to manage the different projects taking place simultaneously.

PWF has an Executive Director who reports to the board and counts with a Strategic Advisory Board that includes personalities with a deep experience and know how in PWF fields, with the aim to support and guide its development.

There is also an area that is fully dedicated to Fundraising and Partnerships Management. Our activity is then supported by different general functions, such as Finance or Communication and Marketing.


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