What Inspires Us


Our inspiration comes from our desire to effectively contribute to human development, by enabling children, youngsters and adults during their life. We want to execute our mission in solidarity, meaning a network where one person can help many, multiplying our impact. For this, everyone counts.

Statements from Foundation members

Benjamin Fernando

Sérgio da Conceição

Nazário Vilhena

Mário Abílio Hebo

The reason I want to be part of this project is because it is focused on education, sustainability and support from one person to others, goals and values with which I’m fully identified.

Mário Abílio

João António

Aussónio Calado

Segunda Domingos Matari

José Sacavanga

I see this project as a way to express my love and give my contribution and solidarity to others.

Nelson António

Mário Augusto José

Mycayela Faustino Manuel Barros Nunes

José Salvador

Manuel Evaristo João

Mavi Nguengo

Nelson António

Statements from other members and friends in Portugal

Anabela Pedroso

Daniel Traça

Joana Costa Pereira

Margarida Bajanca

I had the pleasure to meet this group of people who have the ambition and mission to implement a number of activities to promote equity of opportunities to children and youngsters.

Joana Costa Pereira

Mafalda Carmo

João Muller

What attracted me most in the Pirâmide Foundation project, was its mission, very focused in enabling each person to achieve its full potential. Above all, what inspired me was to find a very motivated team to make this mission a reality.

Mafalda Carmo

Cristina Machado

Francisco Sarmento

Silvia Moreira


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