Who We Are


PWF — Pirâmide World Foundation formally created in Angola in December 2014, started from an existing initiative of supporting children, whose family context didn’t allow them to pursue education, because of orphanage, financial and/or social difficulties. It primarily started with a vision to have an impact in education in Angola.

In the past, this action has allowed the personal and academic development of a group of children who are now inspired to return and finance the education of other youngsters. As they want to do more and generate a greater impact, they created Pirâmide World Foundation. Formally created in Angola, the Foundation intends to act directly or indirectly in any other countries where its action might have an impact to society.

The Foundation has a strong focus on solidarity underlying its creation, where each youngster supported by the Foundation, mainly in its education, can later support other youngsters, according to his/her financial capacity.

Pirâmide World Foundation is a non-profit private entity of public utility, with an institutional capacity for the development of different activities as reflected in its strategic plan.

By being a Universal project, the Foundation wants to promote the protection of environment and land, support cultural, technical and scientific actions in the fields of political and social science, contemporary history, national and international relations and human rights.


Our model is based on a solidarity concept where each person supported by the Foundation is later invited to give his/her contribution in supporting others, generating a multiplying effect.


Promote sustainable development, solidarity and poverty fighting, through education, science, technology and social innovation.

© VêSó & Nadia Righele
© VêSó & Nadia Righele


Be a leading world platform to identify and support children and youngsters in their development throughout life, creating a generation that is well informed and prepared to develop a balanced and sustainable society.

Strategic Goals

  • In education, PWF aims to promote the intellectual development of people from basic education to the development of skills along their lives.

  • In science and technology, PWF wants to publish and share information related with science and technology that promotes the transformation of natural resources in industrial resources, protecting environment and land.

  • In social innovation, PWF will promote innovation and projects that improves the conditions of communities and population in general.



Solidarity from one person to others


Love to the cause


Common identity in cultural diversity


Integrity and transparency

Solidarity From One Person to Others

We promote an action towards the solidarity of one to others in order to multiply our capacity to promote opportunities for others.

Love to the Cause

Foundation employees, volunteers and others that partner with us, when in representation of the Foundation, act with commitment, dedication and love to the cause that we advocate.

Common Identity in Cultural Diversity

PWF is inclusive. To achieve its mission, it counts on people from different cultures and social and economic backgrounds, taking advantage from differences but promoting a common identity.

Integrity and Transparency

We advocate the values of integrity and transparency of our actions. We report and share information making the outcomes of our actions and the use of resources put at our disposal, publicly available.


Be always informed about PWF