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10 August, 2021

Nazário Vilhena Book Launch

Nazário Vilhena’s book launch took place on 10th August in ENAPP, with a conference by His Excellency, Dr. Bornito de Sousa Baltazar Diogo, Vice President of Republic of Angola, under the book theme: Estrategic policies of Territorial Administration and Development. A Reference for Local Management.

The author presented a summary of his book, where he highlighted the importance of reading as a tool for learning and personal development and some of his recommendations to improve planning in local management.

Part of the book revenues will revert to Pirâmide World Foundation, for the prossecution of its mission in education, youth lifelong development and knowledge sharing.

About 250 guests were present in the event, plus all that joined us online.

His Excellency, Vice President of Republic of Angola speech for the launch of Nazário Vilhena’s book

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