December 8, 2017 Luanda

Pirâmide & Kuculá Foundations Summit 2017 – Conference: The role of technology and information to fight proverty

On 8th December 2017, we held a conference: “The role of technology and information to fight poverty, which took place in Luanda, within the scope of Pirâmide & Kuculá Foundations Summit 2017, that celebrates the two foundations anniversary.

We had 3 presenters talking about 3 diferente themes:

Theme 1: Technological innovation in education – Dr. Gadi Lipiner, Focus Education

Theme 2: The development of digital competences for a sustainable future – Engº William Oliveira, Tistech

Theme 3: The impact of science and technology in social and economic development – Margarida Bajanca, Deloitte

We also had a very interesting debate from our audience.

Our presenter was Victor Pereira. At the end we had a surprise for our audience and we draw 2 double tickets for the Fund Raising Gala taking place that night.



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