Issue Areas


Pirâmide Foundation action is mainly focused on the following areas: Education, Science, Technology and Social Inovation, with the aim to promote the balanced development of the human being, preparing him/her for life and its challenges.


In education, we work with children since an early age, mainly with the most vulnerable, but also with those that have a talent or special ability, providing quality education up to higher education and during their lives.

Science and Technology

In science and technology will we publish technical and scientific information to allow citizens to develop knowledge and skills in this fields, so needed for development and sustainability.


We want to be a leading world platform to identify and support children and youngsters in their development throughout life, creating a generation that is well informed and prepared to develop a balanced and sustainable society.

© VêSó & Lorenzo Galli
© VêSó & Lorenzo Galli

Social Innovation

In social innovation we want to explore new models that promote social well being in an innovative way, creating social businesses. We also want to develop the individual and companies social responsibility spirit, that will allow for new collaboration models.

Strategic Guidelines and Strategic Goals

 EducationScience and TechnologySocial innovation
1. Promote access to quality education
2. Create awareness and inform population, through education programs
3. Identify and support the development of high potential children and youngsters
4. Promote and publish technical and scientific information
5. Create conditions to reduce school drop out rate and repetition
6. Raise funds and finance access to education
7. Provide technical and vocational programs
8. Promote entrepreneurship culture
9. Incubate and accelerate micro and small businesses
10. Promote exchange and twinning
11. Speed up social innovation
12. Promote employment opportunities


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